Olim and Returning Citizens


New Immigrants and Returning Citizens

Shalom and Welcome!

Dear Parents and Students, We welcome you upon your Aliyah or return to Israel.

Over 1000 immigrant and returning students study in the Modiin Maccabim Reut education system.

Municipal departments in cooperation with government offices, accompany students and their families upon their arrival and over the course of their first years here, in a variety of areas including the education system.

Ms. Tamar Golan, Educational Coordinator for Immigrant and Returning Students, guides students and their families from the beginning steps through integration into the educational frameworks.

For information, assistance or to schedule an appointment please contact Tamar Golan:
Email: tamar_g@modiin.muni.il
Tel: 972-8-6525839

Wishing you a smooth and successful absorption process!
We are happy to guide and assist you along the way

The Modiin Maccabim Reut Education System

Modiin Maccabim Reut Municipality has education at the top of its priorities. The school system offers a varied curriculum – science and technology, arts and sports, starting from the youngest grades.

The Department of Education together with the school system emphasize the strengthening of Jewish-Israeli heritage, identity and culture; promotion of innovation and educational achievements; a wide variety of frameworks and disciplines for the growth and development of all students; social and community programs; and the continuity between formal and informal education.

The Modiin Maccabim Reut Education System highly emphasizes the importance of students not only receiving a high quality High School diploma, but being first and foremost, valued citizens who are committed to society and to the State of Israel.

The education system consists of religious and non-religious schools including a special education system. Religious and non-religious schools and pre-schools are located in all neighborhoods of the city.

In the Modiin Maccabim Reut school system of 2020-2021, close to 28,000 students ages 3-18 study in 151 pre-school classes (ages 3-5), 29 elementary schools (grades 1-6), 13 upper schools (grades 7-12) and 2 special education schools.

New Immigrant and Returning Students

Modiin Maccabim Reut municipal departments in cooperation with government offices, offer a variety of academic, emotional and social programs for immigrant and returning students and parents. School olim coordinators in every school assist both students and parents in the process of integrating into school.

The State Ministry of Education allocates Ulpan and tutoring hours taught in school to help new immigrant and returning students acquire and improve their Hebrew language. Immigrant and returning students taking their Bagrut exams (matriculation exams) in high school are entitled to special accommodations defined by the Ministry of Education. Partial tuition subsidies are provided by the Ministry of Education to Olim families through the schools during the first 1-3 years in Israel.

Municipal School Registration Process

Initial meetings and the municipal registration process are a first and significant step in the integration process of students into the Modiin school system.
Tamar Golan, Coordinator of Immigrant and Returning Students in the Department of Education guides both students and families through this process, in which the following stages take place:

Stage I: Meeting with Tamar Golan
Stage II: Municipal Registration at the Department of Education
Stage III: Meeting with school staff members

Please bring the following documents to all 3 of these meetings:
Teudat Zehut (Israeli ID) / Passports- Teudat Zehut of both parents with the sefach (attachment with children's details) / passports of both parents and children

Status document

  • New immigrant - Teudat Oleh

  • Returning Resident - Teudat Toshav Chozer

  • Tourist – The Ministry of Interior permit stating your status

    Modiin housing documentation (in the case of not having a Modiin address on your Teudat Zehut)- Signed rental/purchase housing contract in Modiin on the parents' names for the upcoming school year

    Last year's school report cards -Each child's latest report card.

    Assessments- If your child has been assessed in the past for learning or other difficulties, it is important to bring these assessments with you. This information will help provide your child with the most relevant services.

    Additional Documents- Any relevant documents that may assist in your child's absorption process

    To schedule an appointment or for any questions please contact Tamar Golan
    Email: tamar_g@modiin.muni.il Tel: 972-8-6525839

    For further information regarding school registration for the 2020/2021 school year

    Wishing you a smooth and successful absorption process!

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